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This set is all made from 3mm MDF and come in it’s natural wooden colour and is a perfect for anyone that loves space! It would make a great gift for someone to decorate and put up on their wall.

For decorating Acrylic paint tends to work best, although felt tips, markers and colouring pencils will also work.

The set includes:

1x Astronaut(Approx 15cm)

1x Rocket (Approx 15cm)

2x Planets (Approx 5cm)

1x Moon (Approx 2cm)

1x UFO (Approx 10cm)

20x Stars(various sizes 3cm - 21cm )

**Please choose whether you would like the shapes to have a hole in them to hang up. If you select ‘with’ then they will all come with a hole at the top ready for you to hang it with whatever you like.**

Space Set




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